Porsche 911 from The Bridge (Broen / Bron) TV series

sofia helin porsche

Sofia Helin (Saga NorĂ©n) is an actor playing in the danish/swedish TV series The Bridge ( Broen / Bron ). She got really sweet ride! Old Porsche 911 from 1977. Wow! Check out her Instagram .

Porsche 911 The Bridge

Porsche 911 The Bridge
Porsche 911 The Bridge
All pictures are taken from The Bridge / Broen / Bron (2013).


De Tomaso Pantera

De Tomaso Pantera is a cool super-sport car. It was produced between 1971 to 1991 (it is kind of long time). Car is powered with Ford 355 engine (V8). Predecessor of De Tomaso Pantera is De Tomaso Mangusta.


Posche 1911 1965

Awesome Porsche 911 from a movie Faster kill pussycat (1965).

Retro ice-race car

Supercool retro ice racer! Instead of rubber it has pins on wheels. Not sure how old this shoot is, but I´m guessing 1950s.