Spy photos - Mercedes A-Class

This shoots were taken at the begining of June 2012 in Prague. Does anybody know what kind of car it is? I guess it could be a new Alfa Romeo, but I ´m not sure at all.
UPDATE: Thanks to guys at blog "Tamerlane's Thoughts " is mystery solved. It´s new Mercedes A-Class! Thanks.


Dacia 1300 vs Porsche Panamera

Hard to choose, right? :)


80s: Mercedes Benz 200 W123.020

Not sure if is this MB W123.220 or W123.280.

80s: Subaru Leone Super Station

Probably from year 1989, but i am not sure.

80s: Wartburg 353 1.0

Few shots of Wartburg 353 with 1.0 engine. No rust, it seems really well-preserved.


When you ride alone, you ride with HITLER!

Yes! :) When you ride alone, you ride with HITLER! Do not forget.


60s: Moskvich 410 / Москвич-410 / Москвич-411

It is the firt soviet SUV in history. Actually it is rebuilded Moskvich 402.

80s: Moskvich 2140 / Москвич-2140 / Moskvitch 1500 SL

Legendary car from Soviet Union. It was produced between 1976 and 1988. There are alot of variants.

80s: Isdera Imperator

This car have Mercedes-Benz engine with power 301 kW !


80s: Citroen BX

Car from 1980s.. still in good shape, right?