MG Magnette ZB spotted in London

MG Magnette for sale
MG Magnette ZB

Spotted this beautiful MG Magnette ZB in London! It took me a while to identify the car - at first I thought it's Rover P4, which is more 'boxy' and is missing a nice curvy back of Magnette.

MG Magnette for sale
Rover P4

Loads of folks are looking for MG Magnette for sale, but there are relatively few of them. When I was searching for cars for sale, I found couple of them. Prize varies a lot, some of Magnettes are for sale from £7000, but couple of them are priced over £1500.

Trumpchi: Donal Trump's Chinese car?

While researching on Donal Trump's garage - what cars he owns and drives (can he drive?), I found a funny thing. Google suggested me that I'm looking for Trumpchi - Chinese automaker, who is about to start exporting cars to USA. Really? TRUMP-chi? 

Trumpchi and Donald Trump
Trumpchi and Donald Trump

That can't be coincidence, surely not. Someone who values his surname like Donald Trump, couldn't let his happen! Imagine for example Obamachi, or I don't know.. Spielbergchi? Crazy. Anyway, from what I researched, there's really no connection between Trump and Trumpchi cars. What's funny though, photo from the launch event of one of Trumpchi cars, shows company bosses standing around the car showing thumbs up very much in Trump's fashion. See photos.

Trumpchi and Donald Trump
Trumpchi and Donald Trump

And what about Trumpchi? Well, it's not different from any other Chinese automaker. Car designs are clearly copied from European and Japanese automakers, but with Trumpchi badge on it. Quality of materials and technology is most likely sub-standard.
Trumpchi cars - not related to Donald Trump
Trumpchi cars - not related to Donald Trump
Let's see if Donald Trump will allow Trumpchi to export cars to United States.


Reliant Kitten and Reliant Robin

Naming a car model Kitten can be seen as a bold step, but it's nothing in compare to making a car with just 3 wheels. Yes, I'm talking about Reliant - British car manufacturer.  Around 1 to 2 million Reliant vehicles were produced, and were sold in at least 9 countries. For a period from the 1970s to the 1990s, Reliant was the UK's biggest British-owned car manufacturer.

There's a mix of Reliant Robin, Rebel and Kitten photos. Some of them are for sale.


Skoda 120 Five and 130LSE in UK

Incredible collection of Skoda cars from 80s found near Hove, UK. Skoda 120 Five, Skoda 130 LSE Estelle Two and others. The owner is (or maybe was) collector.


Rover P6 2000

One of a few cars from 6th decade I don't like. Not sure why, maybe it seems little disproportional. It has some interesting detail though, check out the little drops on headlights. Placing hole for filling fuel tank to this place is obviously not a good idea, years prove it by rust. Produced from 1963 to 1977.


Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II 2

In Hove, I spotted this Rolls. After first taken picture, door of the house over the street opened. Old man with a big smile asked me, "Do you want to buy it?" :) He also takes down the thingy from the cooler. Young punks wants to steale it!

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II 2

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II 2


Classic bike show in Brighton 2014

Brighton's seafront is a place where many shows take a place. This was funny one. So many old bikes!